Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today's Musing

So today while working in the archives at a school I sorted meeting notes for the school's Presidential Cabinet and a certain phrase caught my eye. One of the points was "A card of understanding was sent." Now apart from being odd, a few things came to mind: 1. When would one send such a card? 3. "Understanding" is so vague I mean it isn't "sympathetic" or "empathetic" or even "caring." 3. It is a sad state of inactivity for a card. It doesn't promise friendship or action of any kind, only recognition. 4. Would this be the card one sends after a big mistake? Like "Opps I just broke Grandma's family heirloom vase" = "A card of understanding was sent?" Or "I'm breaking up with you" = "A card of understanding was sent?"

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