Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top Ten Things To Remember When Entering College As A Post-Homeschooler

1. Just because something is made in a cafeteria doesn't make it gross (but most of the time it is). Proceed with caution.

2. Remember to look around to make sure other people get a chance to answer questions in class.  There are more people per teacher now, and most students need more time to feel comfortable with the Lightning Round Answering that you did to get noticed among your 10 siblings.  Poor dears.

3. Roommates usually don't appreciate you wanting to read them a bedtime story like you did with your sister.  They are just weird like that.  (Also pillow fights and sharing clothes are discouraged.)

4. You don't have to read everything your teacher assigns even when they say you do.

5. Don't join every club known to man like you did in high school.  You won't have time for them all, trust me.

6. Try not to call your professors "Mom," they won't get it. (This is especially prudent when your professor is a guy.)

7. Nature study can be misunderstood, so don't continue to bring the new species of spider/moss/bird to your room to show your best buds.   You will likely get fined for that, by your RA since pets aren't allowed anyway.

8. Be proud of who you are and don't be afraid to stand up for who you are.

9. Celebrate the fact that you weren't exposed to only one way of learning and think outside the box!

10. Have FUN (Remember, Ultimate Frisbee is SO much more fun with more than one player.)

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Lauren Canaday said...

I love this! :) Thanks for sharing. It was cute and funny, and also great to see the homeschooler perspective.