Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful Spring

Spring is here (shhh Winter might hear us and start snowing to spite us) setting the table! Our maple has green flower bunches for the table and the crab apple is starting to get dressed in her prettiest frock. The daffodils are peaking out of their green fans. The ground cover is craning to welcome our new deck in the back yard (thanks Grandpa and Dad). Birds are singing. I love Spring. She is so beautiful and cheery. She always welcomes you and quietly asks Summer to tea.



Kristy said...

Isn't it beautiful? I moved to North Carolina late last year from Florida, where I had lived for ten years. I was so surprised when Spring came--I forgot that there were seasons!!

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. :)

Betz White said...

Hi there,
Regarding the bird tutorial you asked about on my blog, just click on the link below the photo! :)

AmeliaB said...

I saw that after I left the comment (of course :-) )
Thanks :-P.


Robyn said...

Very well said! And I love spring, too, though not the allergies. :0)