Monday, January 1, 2007

My New Year's Resolution

I have been reading a book called "Ten Peas In A Pod" by Arnold Pent III. It is about a family that traveled the US spreading the word of God and stressing the importance of reading God's word. I believe God is leading me to read my bible more often. I have always been one to seek out and research something until I'm SURE it is legit. My faith hasn't been any different. I am constantly questioning my faith, digging deeper into the tough questions, and trying to prove Christianity logically(without bias or blindly excepting certain things as fact). I believe one of the things that makes Christianity true is that it tells its followers to research its claims! In other words the Bible says "If you don't believe me try me." I have tried to take up that challenge throughout my walk with Christ. Now I am a Christian first and foremost but I don't think Christ wants ignorant followers. How can I witness to people without knowing my facts? If I can't believe in my faith I won't be in a position to lead others. All that being said I have made a goal of 360 hours of Bible reading by Dec. 31st 2007. Also to have daily morning devotions. I can't slack on my responsibilities to Jesus. He has done so much for me how can I turn my back on Him?

In Christ,

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