Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Point/Credit/Buck Sites. What is worth it?

     Ok, so I'm a busy student who loves to get free stuff.  I use MyPoints, Swagbucks, and Daily Feats to help 'redeem' some of the time I spend online.  However, not all 'rewards' are the same.  For this post I'll look at what rewards are worth cashing in and which ones you should leave behind on Daily Feats.
     Daily Feats is one of my favorite internet sites period.  It is a platform that lets you check in when you do everyday good deeds, habits, and self-care activities.  For each check in you get points that you can cash in for gift cards locally and online.  I also like that you can help support others trying to develop habits of their own, and receive support too.
     Ok, for the breakdown:

Best Discount Rewards: Money you spend/ points per $/ total discount

Walgreens $25/ 10 points per $1= 20%
Walgreens $35/ 8 points per $1= 14%
Gaiam $100/ 40 points per $1= 25%
Tommy Hilfinger $50/ 50 points per $1= 5%

Best Gift Card Rewards:

Resturants.com 100 points per $1
Spa Finder 280 points per $1
Flowers.com 340 points per $1

Gaiam 500 points per $1
Ebay 500 points per $1
iTunes 500 points per $1
Starbucks 500 points per $1
Best Buy 500 points per $1
Home Depot 500 points per $1
Fandango 500 points per $1
Safeway 500 points per $1
Staples 500 points per $1
Toys R Us 500 points per $1

Barnes and Nobles 600 points per $1
Foot Locker 600 points per $1
Groupon 600 points per $1
Travelocity 600 points per $1

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