Thursday, December 30, 2010

Katz Gluten Free


A few months ago I received a wonderful package of goodies from Katz Gluten Free. They sent me the food so I could write a review for them.* My family does not have any gluten allergies, but the treats looked so good we offered to review them. All in all we loved them. Our favorites were the vanilla rugelech, marble cake, and the chocolate chip cookies. The honey muffins were the only thing that tasted a bit bland and "health foodie." The cake was simply scrumptious, with a slight taste of coffee and a fairly smooth texture my family found this to be the most like "gluten packed foods." The cookies were some of my favorites as they tasted like Chips Ahoy brand. I would definitely order form Katz again, esp. to give the yummy desserts to my friend who does have gluten allergies.
Even for someone who likes "real" baked goods these are a great healthy (lower carb/sugar) option! In fact, the nutrition of all of the products amazed me. My Mom who eats low carb was able to eat cookies again, and I was able to have guilt free cake! The site has detailed nutrition for every item. Be sure to take advantage of their free samples (they'll send you a generous package of treats right to your door for only the cost of shipping).

*I was not paid for the review. I only received free sample items from Katz to base my review on.


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