Monday, September 6, 2010

{Shop, Look, Play, Do} Nanny McPhee, 1940s, and more...

"Do" go watch Nanny McPhee Returns:

I went to see this yesterday and was especially pleased all over again.  Emma Thompson has done it again; she's written, produced, and stared in another wonderful movie.  What I love about these films is that they are all about bringing families together (whether divorced or coping with war or death). (Oh and the fact that they are absolute eye candy!)  10 out of 10!  We have to support the clean, family films that are quality.  I don't like when whole groups (church, homeschool group, friends) go out to "support" a movie that is poor quality.  I love it that they are supporting moral movies, but if Christians (esp.) keep settling for medicore art when are the artists going to find the need to create true beauty?
 If you haven't seen the first one then please, please, please go rent it.

"Look" at these two wonderful 1940's prints (the time period the second Nanny McPhee is set in):


"Shop" for these Nanny McPhee inspired clothes.

Pennsylvania Polka Dress
$58 -
Dresses »
A-line Button Skirt
$33 -
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60 GBP -

Scarves & Shawls
48 GBP -

95 GBP -

75 GBP -

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