Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back To School In Style For Free

I love the Internet, because you can get great art for free (and help spread the word about your favorite artists by showing off your new DIY school supplies). Last year at college I decorated my dorm with prints from IndieFixx. (I'll post pics of my dorm room this year soon.) I don't print them in color so that I can color them in myself.

Here are some of the many, many free prints available (Click Here To See Them):

Secret Sister is a big deal at my school (which is small), and this makes me always lookout for fun things to put in my sister's mail box. Here are some of my finds (great for lunchboxes too!):

1. Homemade Stickers

2. Printable Games (I like to give the game on one day with a note that the solutions will be in the mailbox tomorrow.)

Click here to go to this web page.

Click here to go to this web page.

3. Grown Up Coloring Pages, because we all need some relaxation time.

Click here to go to this web page.

4. Origami (Either give already made or give a "Origami Kit" with a few sheets of square paper and instructions)

Origami Lotus Instructions PDF

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