Sunday, August 1, 2010

Movies that inspire me.

When I watch a movie I always have my "crafty-goodness-radar" up and running. Here are some of my favorite movies for inspiration: color, texture, or nature.

Nanny Mcphee is one of the best kids films ever made. It has a great moral and wonderful eye candy (the best combination). Oh, and the little bonus called "Emma Thompson and Collin Firth." Magic.

The flowers are what draw me to this film; they are on costumes, in the wonderful opening sequence, and pinned to dresses.

I love Audrey, and here she is in all of her 50's hot pink and black glory!

I don't know what it is about candy that just makes my heart sing, but it does. I mean who doesn't want to make a crazy top hat, come up with a snoozeberry pie recipe, or crochet a colorful pair of fingerless gloves after watching Charlie?

This film is full of fashion and New York (the mecca of inspiration).

Ahhh, one of my all time favorites! Who doesn't swoon at the little children's book shop? Or what about the sweet almost 50's outfits? I love it all.

Steampunk in all of its glory runs through this entire film. I adore all of Violet's outfits esp.!

Homespun goodness is seen throughout this movie. Marilla making Anne's dresses, baking plum pudding, or Anne and Dianna talking about how many doilies they have in their hope trunks.

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