Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah and Dreads?

Ok did anyone see the conventions?! They both were great. I was crying by the end of McCain's speech. It was just so moving, not in a Barrack way, but still nice. And who could not have LOVED Sarah's speech? She is such a spunky woman. I had no idea that McCain adopted too! It was the sweetest thing ever. My sister is adopted and I just get all teary thinking about adoption. :)

I didn't really agree with McCain before he was nominated. I'm for the least amount of government possible. I mean America is built on people not taking orders and lowering taxes. lol Though I do agree that we need some government programs today. When I'm deciding who to vote for I look at 3 main issues:

1. Abortion
2. Iraq/War
3. Spending

Since looking at both Barrack and McCain I believe McCain passes these 3 "tests." I don't really care if he messes up on the other stuff. After all we just elect a President, not dictate how he runs the country. I mean that's why people have been mad with Bush because he didn't care what everybody said. Would we want a President who did listen to the popular crowd? I don't! Who would want Hannah Montana to run the country? :) Alright enjoy the videos. lol


P.S. No, Sarah Palin is not getting dreads. I did though! :) Pics coming really soon. Yipe!

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