Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The World Of Thrift

I inherited the "thrift/pack rat" gene. I admit this can be a blessing and a curse but I tend to think of it as "a happy oddity." My grandma was most likely the biggest influence in my thrift addiction. She and my grandpa never had a lot of money and both had a great love of antiques and deals. They would trek all over our county during the summer to garage sales. I LOVED when they would take me. All of the wonderful new friends; the bear that was chocked up with smoke smell, the little happy meal toys in the cardboard box, or the beautiful old slate that could serve while playing "school" with my dolls. My grandma to this day gives the BEST presents. Each one is careful picked with love for each individual. The 1940's book on Jazz for dad, the rose teacup for mom, and a wonderful box of hankies and costume jewelery for me. Even though my grand presents from my well off other grandma were appreciated and loved. The ones wrapped in oatmeal boxes and paper bags were the ones I remember year after year. Both grandma's are the most wonderful you could ask for. One gave me the "work hard," "prayer warrior," "swimming," and "green bean picking" genes. While the other gave me "thrift," "memories," "photos," and "family stories" genes. I am must remember to thank them and God more often! I'm blessed.


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