Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knitting Convention

Hi all!

I'm been a very bad blog girl (slaps hand ow). Anyway I've got some great news! I'm getting to go my first knitting convention. Yay! The Knitter's Connection in Columbus (I am going for vaction), Ohio. I just can't wait. I'm taking 12 hours of classes. It's funny since I was just listening to "Stash and Burn" when they were talking about their Stitches convention experience. I remember thinking "How FUN!" So the question is WHAT do I bring?! What DO I buy? What do I say when I meet other knitters? :] I'm also taking a Spinning 101 class and am trying to decide whether to buy a drop spindle or a wheel. What is better for a beginner? I don't know. lol On a business note I've been working on 800 projects as usual. Including acorn pin cushions for the Sampler, ear flap hats, a baby bonnet, handmade paper, handmade sticker designs, tags, etc. Some pics in the posts above from flicker. Etsy has brought back Alchemy and if you haven't gone over there GO now. Too cool. The Virtual Labs have posted a schedule under "Events" in the Etsy blog. I went to 99% of them the first week. lol

Thank you all!


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