Saturday, December 29, 2007

The After Holidays Mood

Hi everybody,

I am feeling well after having a killer cold. Christmas was beautiful. I had a instinct to go to Midnight Mass this year. I'd never been to a Catholic service and since I've always had a fascination with the Catholic church I thought it would be a good experience. The church was filled with candles, singing, and reverence. A Father gave a wonderful message on a man who couldn't understand why Jesus came to earth until he tried to save some freezing birds by offering them his barn. The birds were frightened and confused by the man's efforts to get them into the warm barn. The man then realized the need for Jesus to come to earth to lead us as God in the form of man. God knew that we needed a being like us to lead us to salvation.

I have been furthering my study of Godly womanhood. This has been going on some time since I felt that the modern pattern of career, fame, years of college was not for me. I didn't want to conform since I wanted a family and children. What was the point of going to 4+ years of college when I wanted to quit and stay at home with my family God willing?

I believe the purpose of college should be learning. Why does it need to be a place where you have to believe their is no God or that homosexuality is OK? For that matter why does it have to be a place where you have to believe in Jesus or be a Republican? It shouldn't matter! It should be a structured environment of learning. One where ALL views are shown but none are favored so that the student can make up his/her mind. Not a place for molding or guiding or even enlightening. Why does algebra class have to involve politics? Or art class sexual content? I say it doesn't. Anyone can learn and grow as long as they work hard enough. If college was a necessity for success we wouldn't have some of or great musicians, artists, or leaders we have today. Now I'm not saying that there aren't good Christian or non-Christian colleges out their. If you know of one please share. :-)

Now that I had that little rant we can get back to normal Bedelia's Spot stuff. :-) I received a copy of knitsimple magazine. It has some wonderful patterns in it. I decided to try this one:

Image source

Doesn't it look cute with the J. Crew dress! Anyway I haven't made a sweater yet and this one looked pretty simple so I've dived in. I just finished the first half of the back. :-) I did change the one pattern stitch to a checkered ribbing. Just because I felt more comfortable with that. I'm using some of the yarn I received for Christmas (One of the best gifts I received was a big basket full of knitting needles and yarn). I'll have to get some pics up soon.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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