Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh la la!

Ok I'm trying to learn French. After about a year and a half of Latin (that I'm still working on) I decided that French would be a good choice. I debated going with Spanish but French is the language of the Arts and to some extent literature. So here I am trying to master sentence structure for the third time. It has been fun learning some more about the French people and customs. For instance, French people are generally very polite. They don't just say "please" but "if you please." One of my very happy moments was when I was reading "Little Princess," to a little girl I babysit, and Sara's French maid said something and I was able to translate it for her. It felt so special. I am one of those people who never really stopped pretending. I still pretend I'm a maid, or Sara Crewe, or Anne. They are as real to me as if they were my own sisters. If you have a book character(s) that you like please comment and share.

Amelia B


Garden Girl said...

I am definitely an Anne girl, myself.

Oh la la!

My French is not so good;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your email about the use of our Audrey Hepburn pictures! Go for it! Beautiful slide show. Cheers, Carrie for A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn (

AmeliaB said...

Ah thank you!