Monday, November 26, 2007

Enchanted Thanksgiving

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I'm back from Grandma's and filled with Christmas spirit. :-) Thanksgiving was simply wonderful. Our family is filled with big movie buffs so on Friday we all went to the theater. Guys went to see a "guy" movie, my Mom and siblings went to see Bee Movie they gave it a 8, Grandma and the remaining relatives went to see Enchanted which was awarded a huge 10! I LOVED Enchanted it was clean, cute, funny, and actually a pretty good romance. What really sold me was the costumes (what else?) and the pro-marriage message. So if you want a fun movie go see Enchanted. :-) I hope every one is in the Christmas mood. It is now officially O.K. to turn on the Christmas music. te he

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Sammi* said...

I LOVED that movie also. Have you seen the Ever Ever After music video? It is really cute.


AmeliaB said...

Wasn't lovely? I'll have to look for that video. It was done by Carrie Underwood right?


Anonymous said...

yes and you can find it on youtube =)

AmeliaB said...

Really? Is it out on DVD yet? :-)