Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm really not dead!

Alright I couldn't stand it anymore I had to post! I've been so busy starting school and working that I haven't even been reading your beautiful blogs (gasp!). Coming soon will be a new fashion post and my Etsy shop should have a whole lot of new items (complements of my wonderful Aunt who runs Scrapbook Obsessions, a wonderful paper art company that makes custom albums, floral art cards, and paper products of all kinds). Alright now for some "Things To See":

Some great podcasts, books, and mags. :-)


Cast On

A Great Read

A Beautiful Mag (I know I know your saying "Artful Blogging and shes not blogged in FOREVER!)

My Favorite "Drool" Mag

What's On My Music Stand

Alright I've gotta go but I hope you like these "Things To See."


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