Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Avatar Poll

Which one do you like? I'm trying to decide which one I want for my avatar. :-) See poll at left.

Pics taken from Anne of Green Gables Fan Site


the feathered nest said...

Very cute! Love that miniseries! I picked #3 btw.


Shop girl said...

I am a big fan of Anne of Green Gables...I have the DVD's. I have red hair and Brown eyes, so I connected with her right away. I picked #4 because of this very special friendship...And while I am here, I enjoy your blog. It is a treat for the eye and you have such beautiful finds.

AmeliaB said...

Thanks for posting and your sweet comments! I just couldn't decide so I'm depending on your votes. :-P

~Amelia B

Amy said...

I'm a big fan of Anne too, it's hard to choose, they are all great.