Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We Hit The Book Jackpot!

Books, books, and more books. My Mom bought 130 books for $50 (buy one get 130 free :-) ) Our library had their annual book sale. Mom cashed out. She got a huge lot of original GLH books(1908-1950) most with their dust jackets! I was elated. We also found Bobbsy Twins, Eddie, Lousia May Alcott (from 1908), Gene Straton Porter, Abeka, Patricia Poloco, and many more well known books/authors. Here are some pics.

Cool 1947 (!) Newspaper page found in one of the books and a poem excerpt.



Gina said...

That is an AMAZING find!!! I often look in the local Salvation Army for GLH, and can't find any. I'm reading Cloudy Jewel right now, and really enjoying it. How blessed you were to get all those lovely books!

Lisa said...

You sure did! Our library system hardly has any GLH books and look how many you got from one sale!
Congratulations on the great finds.

AmeliaB said...

Hi ladies thanks for commenting. We sure were blessed! About the GLH books we think they were donated since they have the same name written on the front page. :-)


Serena said...

Oh my goodness! How WONDERFUL!!! Enjoy your wonderful books!
QueenOrual from S&S Board

Emma said...

Soooo cool! I love all those authors! Especially Gene Stratton Porter!

I'm so glad you checked out my bro'e site. He's an awesome photographer!


Meghan said...

LUCKY! I love Grace Livingston Hill...I would love to be able to get the vintage books.

--Montgomery Girl (S&S)

Kim said...

I'm jealous. LOL. Hope you have fun reading them.

G.L.H. said...

Oh, girl, I am fighting envy right this minute!

I have a lot of vintage GLH, but not all of them have dust jackets--beautiful, beautiful find.

You're blessed to have the Gene Stratton-Porter books, too--she is from the area in which I live, and you can almost never find one for less than $25.00. By the way, she owned the house three doors down from where I now live, tho' she did not live there. She bought it for her daughter.

Thanks for visiting again at my blog. I answered your questions about my daughter Blackeyed Susan's dancing.

Enjoy working your way through your "find." Congratulate your mother for me, as well!

G.L.H. said...

Oops, it's me again. I found a 1947 news article in one of my vintage Graces, as well. It was her obituary!

lia said...

wow, you truly hit the "mother" lode! what a LOT of gorgeous books and covers. a treasure trove for sure.
I tried to respond to your comment to let you know about the journal page but you left a blank email, so here's a copy of what I wrote regarding completing the current page on my blog:

I journalled on the background on and off today and I will take pics and post tomorrow. I'm certainly having fun with the painted backgrounds. thanks for your comments! xo Lia

Simplyvintage (S&S) said...

What a wonderful find! All those old books!:-)