Saturday, May 19, 2007

New MT movie out!

Masterpiece Theater has made a new movie that is airing on PBS Sunday called "The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton."

Here is the link. As you know I love period dramas. te he. So I've been looking forward to watching another one and saying "Mom! Where have we seen that girl before? It wasn't 'Middlemarch' was it?" "No, it was 'Under the Greenwood Tree'" "THAT's right. You've got such a gift." :-)



Lisa said...

I missed it! I've seen it commented on many blogs and with our busy weekend I missed them all until Monday morning. Was it good?

I have Wives and Daughters and Our Mutual Friend dramas out from the library. Have you seen any of those?

AmeliaB said...

Hi Lisa! I didn't get to finish "The Secret Life..." but we did tape it. There was a scene of elaboarate kissing (the couple was married and it was their wedding night) nothing was shown. Also there was quite a few sad parts. Of the little I watched is was intreasting. :-) I have seen "Wives and Daughters" which I enjoyed though not as much as Austin or "North and South". ;-) "Our Mutual Friend" was good and actually both these movies have the lady from ''Under the Greenwood Tree'' in it! te he. I liked OMF because I really enjoy watching Dickens. This story was a little darker than some of his other tales. Hope you enjoy them.

~Amelia :-)