Saturday, April 7, 2007


My wonderful Mother has been going through a whole house oraganizing/purging/cleaning marathon. She is doing a great job. I made some Brown Sugar Shortbread this evening in front of her new kitchen "scape." I just love it.

shortbread recipe



Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Yum, this looks and sounds wonderful. It's definitely spring cleaning time here in Merryville.
Thank you for dropping by Merryville and leaving your kind comments.

AmeliaB said...

Thank you for leaving comments too. :-)


Amelia said...

How neat I stumbled onto your blog! My name is Amelia as well (uncommon for our age) and get this, I was homeschooled my whole life, and also a Christian. I love finding someone who I have something in common with. Your blog is full of neat stuff, I'll be back to cruise around at naptime!