Friday, March 23, 2007

Stuck in the 30's

My reading and thrifting...Bliss.

On my trip with my grandparents we went to the sweetest little antique store way out in the country. I bought the blue and pink hankie and the beautiful long gloves. I thought they would look pretty with my trench coat. I purchased both for $3. The books are "Rainbow Cottage" by Grace Livingston Hill, "Mother" by Kathleen Norris, and a "Shirley Temple's Story Book" (our current bedtime book).

~Amelia B


G.L.H. said...

Rainbow Cottage was the first Grace Livingston Hill book I ever read (and also the name of my blog!) I own 60 or 70 "Graces" now.

MMM. Envy due to the Shirley Temple book. Congratulations!

AmeliaB said...

Thanks for commenting! Isn't the Sherley Temple book just darling? My grandparents bought it at a auction for me. :-)